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Jaffna is an iconic destination with many enthralling tales about its historical significance and vibrant culture. Explore and unravel the true beauty of the city’s most glorious attractions, including ancient artifacts, religious sites, colonial remnants and natural splendor.

Heritage and Religious Sites

Jaffna is an evolving Tamil cultural city, boasting magnificent Hindu and Buddhist Temples. The town has been a prominent part of the colonial era, owing much of its grandeur to its history.

Built in the 15th century and dedicated to God Murugan, this medieval Kovil is the main Hindu temple in Jaffna.

A magnificent pentagon shaped fort with high walls, surrounded by a moat.

Nagadeepa Purana Vihara is one of the sixteen holiest Buddhist temples in Sri Lanka.

A beautifully ornate gopuram dedicated to the Hindu Goddess Paravati and God Shiva.

A “very strongly fortified fort” as per the English writer Ralph Henry Bassett.

It is one of the oldest shrines in the region, venerated by many devotees.

A massive statue of God Hanuman stands amidst the Hindu temple.

Kadurugoda Vihara is a unique Buddhist temple with multiple dome-shaped stupas.

The temple was established to commemorate Arhat Sanghamitta’s arrival, in Ceylon, with a sapling of the Sri Maha Bodhi.

Nature, Beaches and Wildlife

Discover the phenomenal splendor of the city, abundant with an expanse of tropical and exotic naturalistic marvels.

A lovely beach with pristine white sand and crystal clear water.

Originally a bird sanctuary, the national park is home to various exotic birds, leopards and other wildlife.

A beach of crisp, clean golden sand stretching out for kilometres.

Bask in the tropical sun and rejuvenate by the refreshing, cool waves of the Casuarina Beach.

A soothing natural spring with a breathtaking view of the broad ocean.

Nilavarai Bottomless Well is a 52.5 metre deep natural underground well.

Delft Island is a renowned destination for its natural, historical and archaeological significance.

Katchatheevu Island is an uninhabited volcanic island in the Palk Strait.

Libraries, Museums, Bridges and Culture

Alluring with an extraordinary culture, Jaffna is an intriguing locale with compelling attractions.

The renowned Jaffna Public Library consists of an impressive range of books and manuscripts.

A haven filled with a variety of unique local specialties, elegant jewellery, apparel and much more.

A small archaeological museum exhibiting several artifacts from the ancient periods and colonial era.

A 5 km long causeway connecting Kayts Island and Jaffna Peninsula.