Jaffna Fort

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Sprawled on the Northern coast of Sri Lanka, this 400 year old edifice is the 2nd largest colonial fort in the country. Jaffna fort was constructed by the Portuguese, fortified by the Dutch and controlled by the British in the years 1618, 1658 and 1795 respectively. It was built in the shape of a pentagon with a bastion on each corner, and surrounded by a star-shaped moat. Due to the various miracles that occurred pertaining to the Statue of Mother Mary in the neighboring church, the Jaffna Fort was named as the Fortress of Our Lady of Miracles of Jafanapatão.

This epitome of a magnificent fortress features the Governor's residence, Queen's House, the Garrison Parade Ground, Kruys Church, Police quarters and several other buildings from the Portuguese era. 

During the 30 year long civil war that devastated the country, much of these splendid structures were demolished. However, today it has been renovated extensively to bring it back to its former glory, and there is still plenty to explore amidst the ruins.

The fort is open from 7.30 am to 5.30 pm daily. A small fee needs to be paid in order to explore the fort.