Nilavarai Bottomless Well

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Anjana Gurusinghe - Google

The natural underground water well was deemed to be bottomless, prior to the discovery made by the Sri Lankan Navy. The navy stated that Nilavarai Bottomless Well has a depth of 52.5 meters, with the initial 18.3 meters containing fresh water. The fresh water transmutes into salt as it goes deeper. The well serves as a major irrigation system for the surrounding fields, as the water of the well never gets depleted, even during severe drought.

In the naval expeditions, it was discovered that the well is composed with several tunnels carrying water in different directions. One of these tunnels is believed to be connected to the Keerimalai Hot Springs. 

According to legend, it is believed that Rama shot an arrow towards the earth creating a well, in order to quench his thirst, while he was on his way to save Princess Sita. Some say, Hanuman, a warrior of Rama, shot the arrow to help cure Rama’s thirst.