Colombo, Sri Lanka

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Colombo - The Capital of Sri Lanka

Colombo offers exciting pubs, restaurants, nightlife, parks, modern shopping malls, historic sites and many more. Explore the city and all that it has to offer.

Beaches, Lakes, Parks and Shopping Complexes

Colombo is on the west coast of the island, and is one of the greatest places to watch the sunset. The city has an array of Shopping Complexes, Parks, Beaches, Waterfalls and Lakes.

Beira Lake is an iconic landmark in Colombo which brings an incomparable beauty to the capital of Sri Lanka.

A 372 hectares of marshland with 166 species of birds, 71 species of butterflies and 44 species of fish in the city limits of Colombo.

The main zoological garden in the island with 2500 - 3000 animals including mammals, birds, reptiles, fish and butterflies.

A beachfront park with a lot of local and foreign visitors Galle Face Green is a top hangout place in Colombo.

Situated in front of the Colombo Town Hall, Viharamahadevi Park was built by the British and now a popular attraction among locals and tourists.

Designed by eight notable architects, and inspired from the Magul Maduwa (Celebration Hall), Independence Square is a large memorial building for commemoration of Sri Lanka’s independence from the British.

Diyatha Uyana is famous for its paths that are ideal for jogging be it morning or even late at night.

Considered to be the oldest building in Colombo Fort the Dutch Hospital is not a shopping and dining precinct.

Pettah Floating Market is a waterfront area full of cafes, eateries, clothing, bags and jewellery shops.

A massive shopping complex in the centre of Colombo, the Arcade is housed in a collection of renovated buildings which include, former Western Provincial Council, former Jawatta Lunatic Asylum.

The National Art Gallery, has a small collection of art works displayed without any labels or descriptions.

A fully equipped, modern theater located in the center of Colombo.

A nice recreational beach park, with a playground, kids play area, timber deck over the sea, a range of mangrove trees, and walking paths.

A splendid 4-meter-tall waterfall allegedly named after King Seethawaka Rajasinghe’s daughter, Kumari.

Religious Sites

Kotte being the last kingdom of Sri Lanka, and in close proximity to Colombo, Colombo has inherited some notable religious sites. Also being the capital for the Portugese, Dutch and the British, Colombo has got a collection of wonderful Churches, Mosques, and Kovlis.

Kelaniya Raja Maha Vihara is one of the most sacred historic Buddhist temples in Kelaniya, with a history that goes back to before 500 BCE.

The temple is one of the most sacred among Buddhists in Sri Lanka, the Bodhi tree is one of the 32 saplings that sprang from the Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi.

An amazing architectural masterpiece is the largest parish cathedral in Sri Lanka.

Believed to be a miraculous shrine among many devotees, St. Anthony’s church is one of the most interesting shrines in Colombo.

Also known as the Red Mosque or Rathu Palliya among locals, this is a unique piece of architecture with its red and white candy-striped brick work.

The Seema Malaka temple is an amazing architectural design allowing the whole complex to be built in the middle of Beira Lake.

Located in Maradana this is the oldest Hindu temple in Colombo, dedicated to the gods Ganesha & Shiva.

The temple has a Bo sapling from Anuradhapura Sri Mahabodhi and statues to cars gifted to the temple.

Museums and Heritage Sites

Colombo has the main museum of Sri Lanka, The National Museum of Colombo. There are a few other museums and heritage sites mainly dating back to the Dutch Colonial Period of Sri Lanka.

The largest museum in the island, the Colombo National Museum is located in the center of Colombo.

The Museum of the Sri Lanka Air Force, then called the Royal Ceylon Air Force, established in 1993 is an attraction for history, military or aviation enthusiasts.

With a collection of over 3000 artifacts related to the Dutch, who ruled the coastal areas of Sri Lanka the Colombo Dutch Museum is a must see place.

Considered to be the oldest building in Colombo Fort the Dutch Hospital is not a shopping and dining precinct.

British era Municipal Building, built in 1865 now showcases old fire trucks, municipal equipment and waxwork of the town’s first councillors.