Jami Ul-Afar Mosque

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This islamic mosque was built in the 1908 - 1909 (in just a year) is a unique piece of architecture of red and white candy-striped brick work. The mosque is one of the oldest Islamic mosques in the island. Except during the prayer times the guards will allow you in the mosque to have a look around.

The local Indian Muslim community based in Pettah commissioned the mosque in 1908 to full fill their required five times daily prayer and Jummah in Fridays. The Pettah area is quite busy on any day of the week, and taking photos from outside can be challenging. We recommend visiting early if you are a keen photographer.

We’ve noticed the mosque has denied access to some women, if you are keen to check inside, it's good to be dressed respectfully (Vatican dress code) and avoid the peak prayer hours. However even from the outside it is a must see place if you are keen about historical sites. You can either walk or take a tuk tuk from Colombo main railway station.