Old Galle Buck Lighthouse

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The Old Galle Back Lighthouse is well known for viewing the sunset from 5 pm onwards and offers vast scenery of the Indian ocean and the city that makes it the best place to take pictures. The free entrance and street food in boutiques nearby refresh the experience.

Located in the South of Colombo port, the Old Galle Buck Lighthouse was first built by the British and opened to the public in 1952 by Hon D.S.Senanayake, first Prime Minister of Sri Lanka. In the beginning, the lighthouse served to direct ships entering the Colombo harbour. Under the maintenance of Sri Lankan ports, it is at the base of a naval battery that partakes in annual Independence Day celebrations with gun salutes. The lighthouse is 15 meters high with four lions at the base of the building.

All you need to know about the best view that the place offers of the Indian ocean and the city. It shows the way down of Galle Face Green and Galle Face hotel.A happening place with restaurants and kite festivals. Restaurants along the street provide different food and refreshments.

Due to the land rehabilitation project of the Port city hindrances the scenic view from the Old Galle Buck Lighthouse yet it is a worth visit.