Dutch Hospital Colombo - Shopping Precinct

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The Dutch Hospital, is an old hospital built by the Dutch during the Dutch Era. The building was renovated in 2011 and is now a shopping and dining area, with both indoor and outdoor seating. It's one of the top hangout places in Colombo, with a mix of good restaurants, bars and souvenir shops, and a popular attraction among tourists.

The records made by German Christoper Schweitzer the Dutch Hospital is believed to have existed since 1681. It was built by the Dutch and has been used as a hospital to look after staff served under the Dutch East India Company.

The building with 50 cm thick brick walls reflects the 17th century Dutch Architecture. Being located in the center of Colombo, you can easily take a tuk tuk or walk to reach there. Evenings and dinners are the best to visit.

Note that there can be aggressive tuk tuk drivers near the entrance, and always ask whether they have a meter set up before you get in. However it's one of the not to miss places in Colombo.