Beira Lake - Colombo

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Beira Lake is surrounded by a plain walking path, gigantic trees with skyscraper buildings ,pelicans just-as real swans, the rented swan paddle boats, the temple in the middle of the lake with a cable bridge makes it a picture perfect place that no one wants to miss.

The Beire lake bordering Nawam Mawatha consists of East Lake, Galle Face Lake, West Lake and Southwest Lake is occupied approximately 150 acres as of present day and says the man made lake covered 400 acres of and in Colombo city a century ago.

The lake was originally built by Portuguese to safeguard Colombo city from local kings and the canal linked to the Colombo port was used to transport goods within the city and suburban cities. Apparently the local kings have attempted to cut off supplies to the invaders by draining the lake and infesting the lake with crocodiles.

Water of Beira Lake is green due to the algae that is present in the water, also during the dry season the lake produces a bad odor as a result of pollution over the hundred years . Now the lake plays a major role in the Western Region Megapolis Project, which aims to build many development projects including shopping malls and hotels alongside the lake with Singaporean assistance.

As of now Sri Lanka Navy operates a ferry service every 20 minutes from 7am to 6pm to travel to Colombo Fort and the passengers could use the service free of charge.

The symbolic landmark of Sri Lanka, the Colombo Lotus Tower can be seen like a touch arises from the lake and it gives a glorious view at nights when all the lights are on with the skyscraper buildings around it. And the famous Gangaramaya Temple is located on the tiny island on the lake.