Adventure & Sports

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Trek through the magnificent landscapes of virgin Rainforests; go white water rafting down the rapids; explore Sri Lanka’s ancient ruins by bike or on foot; climb the sacred mountains, or take the train into the island’s stunning hill country. Sri Lanka is all this and much more for the adventurous traveler.

From the depths of jungle wildernesses to the breaking waves of a tumultuous sea, Sri Lanka is ideally endowed for water-based sports and leisure activity. Its assets in this field include warm, pure seas, sunny beaches, offshore islands, coral reefs, submerged shipwrecks and hundreds of picturesque lagoons and lakes, that are ideal for numerous activities, such as scuba diving and snorkeling.

Sri Lanka is a fantastic choice for a surfing holiday and has been a popular surf destination since the 1970s. Apart from the east coast, one of the top ten surf spots in the world, there are several other great surf points along the south coast, where surfers will be spoiled by choice. Sri Lanka’s monsoon weather patterns mean that one side of the island is always in season for water-sports.

Journey further inland to the heart of Sri Lanka's nature reserves, that harbor flora and fauna to delight even the most discerning nature lovers. Land-based excursions range from nature trails and exotic bird watching to rock climbing and paragliding for those seeking a different type of adventure. Travelers can also discover ancient civilizations through fascinating cave exploration, archaeology, and pilgrimages. Sri Lanka’s sports and adventure never exhaust its possibilities.