Gangaramaya Temple

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A Buddhist temple near Beira lake, well known for its religious significance and the collection of religious statues in the museum with the annual religious festival held in February including the scenic view of the lake by making Gangaramaya Buddhist temple as the centre of attractions in Colombo.

Built by a merchant, Don Bastian and offered to Matara Sri Dharmarama thero. It is popular among locals and foreigners for its historical significance. The temple has many Buddhist and Hindu statues, coins and jewelleries in the museum.

It's refreshing to enjoy the views of the temple and the Seemamalaka temple with Beira lake from the bridge that connects, also one of the best places to take photos. There is a stretch of a kilometer where you can wander around the lake. It is advised that this area gets heavy traffic.

The temple holds a lock of Lord Buddha's hair is on display and lots of gold adornments make this temple one of the most sacred in Sri Lanka.The Samadhi statue and stupa built there is also important as it has all features of the Samadhi statue in Anuradhapura. The annual festival held by the tusker of the temple is in the month of February in which many like to see. The sacred relic of the temple is carried by the tusker followed by few other elephants.Many locals and foreigners come to see dancers performing a variety of cultural dances in colourful clothes. The festival is full of flag bearers and Buddhist monks. It shows the cultural heritage of Sri Lanka.

From the past Ganagaramaya Buddhist temple was a place of learning for monks. Scholars like Ratmalana Sri Dharmarama thero, Waskaduwa Sri Whibuti thero and many local and foriegn scholars were educated from there. At present the place serves as a religious place,a school and an orphanage for monks.

The entrance fee to Gangaramaya temple is Rs 300 (around US $4) per person. Ganagaramaya Buddhist temple is a unique place and it is a worthy place to see. As Ganagramaya Buddhist temple is near the Beira lake,there are many things to do in Colombo.The Seema Maalaka temple is a few miles away and the best relaxing area. Also one can enjoy a walk along Navam Mawatha.