Seema Malaka Temple, Colombo

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The Seema Malaka Temple is mainly used for Meditation, Relaxing and Resting. Seema Malaka is a part of the Colombo Gangarama Temple. The architectural design and being located in the middle of the Beria Lake makes it a wonderful place to visit and capture lovely photos.

The temple was originally constructed in the 19th Century. It was built with a foundation within the floor of the Beria Lake. The original structure sank into the waters of the lake in 1970. In 1976 Geoffrey Bawa redesigned the temple, the design was inspired by the ancient monasteries from Anuradhapura and Ritigala. Geoffrey Bawa (Deshamanya Geoffrey Manning Bawa) was a Sri Lankan architect, he was one of the most influential Asian architects in his time who forced the concept of “tropical modernism”.

The current temple is constructed on top of three pavilions connected with pontoon bridges over the waters of Beira Lake, the main pavilion is then connected to the land with another pontoon bridge.

Each pavilion has different significance, one has a Bodhi Tree in the centre and four Brahmanist images while the others are filled with Thai bronze Buddha statues displaying different mudras.

It is one of the most photographed Buddhist temples in Colombo and a must visit place.