Food and Drink

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Combining intricate flavors, incredibly fresh produce and culinary heritage, Sri Lanka is perhaps the original Spice Island. Eating out here is a delight, whether it’s tucking into authentic roadside rice and curry or enjoying surf-fresh seafood from an oceanfront restaurant table. You'll also find Western and other Asian (Chinese, Thai and Japanese) dishes available in the most popular resorts.

Rice is the staple diet that is consumed often at all three meal times, and served with fish or meat-based dishes and other kinds of vegetable curries. There is also a famous dish known as “mallung” which are chopped leaves cooked with grated coconut and red onions.

For special occasions, the traditional Milk Rice, which has a soothing delectable flavor, is prepared and served. Apart from rice, other traditional food items are Hoppers, Roti, Pittu and String Hoppers. So try out some of the best Sri Lankan cuisine and have a taste of true traditional dishes!

As a tropical island, it also has a plethora of seafood delights that are bursting with tantalizing flavors, ranging from the popular lagoon mud crabs to lobsters, jumbo prawns and cuttlefish.

With Sri Lanka's renowned tea plantations and its reputation as one of the world's largest tea producers, it is no surprise that tea is the country's favorite drink, with many people consuming at least three cups a day.

Cafes and coffee shops, together with fine dining restaurants, are available in all the hotels where you can enjoy a little bit of high-end catering in a tranquil atmosphere.