Attidiya Bird Sanctuary, Colombo

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A sanctuary where visitors can walk along the trails, with a viewing tower halfway through, Attidiya Bird Sanctuary has 166 species of birds, 71 species of butterflies and 44 species of fish identified.

The Attidiya Bird Sanctuary is an easily accessible attraction for bird watchers. It is one amazing place to be in the busy city limits of Colombo, about 15 kms from the main city center. 

The information centre at the sanctuary has many leaflets on wildlife of Sri Lanka and the species identified within the sanctuary. 

There is a viewing tower down the trails which is a perfect spot for breaks and quiet bird watching. On a clear day Adam's Peak can be seen in the distance, from the viewing tower. 

The gates are opened from 9:00AM  to 5:00 PM. It is best to spend some quiet time in the sanctuary during the evenings.