Nagadeepa Purana Vihara

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A majestic silver-coated stupa, set by the blue waters of the Palk Strait. Nagadeepa Purana Vihara is one of the sixteen holiest Buddhist temples, or Solosmasthana, in Sri Lanka. It is claimed that after 5 years of attaining Enlightenment, Lord Buddha visited Sri Lanka to resolve the dispute between the two Naga kings, Chulo Dara and Mahodara, who were battling over the possession of a gem-studded throne. In gratitude, the kings pledged the throne to Lord Buddha and enshrined it in a stupa. The shrine was later rebuilt by King Devanampiyatissa and King Dutugemunu and developed into a sacred place.

As the temple is located on Nainativu Island, or Nagadeepa, an exciting boat trip needs to be taken from the peninsula. Not to worry, you can leave your vehicle at the car park near the jetty before boarding the ferry. It is advised to leave for the island in the early morning as it can get pretty crowded during the day. Ferry operating hours start at 7 a.m. and the last ride is at 4.15 p.m.