Kadurugoda Vihara

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Constituting of 20 miniature stupas, Kadurugoda Vihara, or Kantharodai Viharaya, is an ancient Buddhist Temple set in Chunnakam town. The temple had, allegedly, consisted of 56 stupas, from which most had been vandalized during the past. The grandeur of the holy temple dates back thousands of years, and is still a place of untouched serenity and peace.

Steeped in diverse mythology, the origin of the sacred temple has been a mystery. In a certain context, it has been stated that the stupas were built enshrining the relics of 60 Arhat Bhikkus who died from poisoning. Contradictorily, others claim that the deaths were due to an ongoing famine.

According to the Mahavamsa, it is mentioned that Theri Sanghamitta visited the Kadurugoda Temple on her journey to Anuradhapura from Dambakolapatuna, while transporting a sapling of the Sri Maha Bodhi.

Recent excavations in the area have led to the discovery of various artifacts, such as parts of Buddha and Bodhisattva statues, Buddha foot imprints, a stone scripture, ruins of a shrine room and ancient coins, some of which are currently preserved in the Jaffna Museum.