Naga Pooshani Ambal Kovil

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Thineshkumar Navarathnam - Google

Naga Pooshani Ambal Kovil is identified as one of the 64 Shakthi Peethams by the Indian philosopher, Adi Shankaracharya. It is a massive Hindu temple with four extensively ornate gopurams, that are abundant with paintings, sculptures and oil lamps. These majestic gopurams are named Raja Raja Gopuram - the tallest with an extraordinary height of 108 feet, East Gopuram, South Gopuram and South East Gopuram. Situated in Nainativu Island, the kovil is dedicated to the great Hindu Goddess Paravati, and her consort, God Shiva.

The original structure of the Hindu temple was destroyed by the Portuguese during the 16th century. However, the temple was reconstructed in 1788. As a prominent landmark, Naga Pooshani Ambal Kovil is venerated by many Hindu believers throughout the year, especially during the annual Mahotsavam festival. The festival attracts more than 100,000 pilgrims, and is held in the months June and July.

To reach the island you can take a short ferry ride. Visitors are required to dress modestly when entering the Hindu temple.