Keerimalai Hot Springs

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Shrouded in ethereal beauty and historical significance, Keerimalai Springs is a sacred landmark, located adjacent to the Naguleswaram Kovil. As the natural water tank is enriched with high mineral content sourced from underground freshwater springs, it is famed for its therapeutic properties, and is believed to be linked to the Nilaveli Bottomless Well. The sea and the water tank is separated by a stone wall, and the salt water has no effect on the freshness of the springs. The tank also plays a significant part in the annual Tamil festivities, held in July.

In mythology, the sage Nagula Muni was healed of his cursed mongoose-like face once bathing in the springs. In another context, it is believed that King Rama bathed in the springs to get rid of dosha after killing King Ravana, who abducted his consort, Princess Sita. 

The tank is segregated into 2 separate pools for men and women. The men’s pool is in the open-air, whereas the women’s pool is enclosed. Offering stunning views of the Indian Ocean, a dip in the tranquilizing waters of the Keerimalai Springs will leave you rejuvenated.