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Trincomalee is known for its large natural harbour which is regarded as the world’s second best harbour of its kind. Being on the east, almost any beach in Trincomalee is best for watching the first light of dawn. If you are looking for some serious beach time look no further than Trincomalee.

Nature, Beaches & Wildlife in Trincomalee

Trincomalee has a handful of amazing beaches where you can go on swimming, snorkeling, diving and relaxing. Make sure to visit the Pigeon Island Marine National Park.

An unusual 400 feet tall sheer steep cliff facing the Indian Ocean providing amazing views.

A perfect spot for snorkeling, enjoy the corals and the colourful fish under the water.

A cove shaped beach just before the cape where Koneswaram temple is, also called the Town beach.

A cove shaped beach with large sand particles of the size of rice.

Long white gold sandy beach, a perfect place to see the first light of dawn

A beautiful reservoir where lots of crocodiles live.

Get on a private guided boat ride to see the amazing whales and dolphins at Trincomalee waters

Located six kilometers northwest of the Trincomalee town, this is a long sandy beach perfect for swimming and watching the sunrise.

A popular white sandy beach in Trincomalee glistering like marbles under the sun.

Seven natural hot water springs

Colonial Heritage & Museums

Trincomalee is where the Dutch first landed on the island. Because of its geographical location and the natural harbour Trincomalee was known as an important naval base from the colonial times, Portugese, Dutch, French and the British fought battles to take control over the area

A fort originally built by Portugese in 1624 and later rebuilt by the Dutch in 1665.

A lighthouse built on a small island in Trincomalee Bay, can be seen at a distance from Marble beach.

A burial ground for soldiers of the British Empire who were killed during World War II.

A historic Naval museum displaying underground casements used in World War II.

Consists of maps, uniforms, boats, rafts, artillery and weapons captured from LTTE terrorists during the 30 years of Civil War.

Sri Lanka’s only natural harbour and the world’s second best of its kind.

An open air museum with lots of interesting weaponry used in the recent history of Sri Lanka

Religious & Cultural attractions in Trincomalee

Trincomalee has some of the important religious attractions of Sri Lanka. The first Buddhist stupa of Sri Lanka was built in Trincomalee, and it is believed that Princess Hemamala and Prince Dantha landed on the island with the sacred tooth relic in this region. The hindu temple Koneswaram is also one of the top religious places in the island.

One of the most sacred Buddhist temples, which was believed to be the exact place where dagobas enshrining relics of three former Buddha’s were built during their times

A temple built in the 4th-century by King Kirthi Sri Meghavarna on the exact place where Princess Hemamala and Prince Dantha landed ashore with the sacred Tooth Relic.

The first stupa built in Sri Lanka by two merchants Tapassu and Bhalluka enshrining hair relics of Buddha

A hindu temple with a history dating back to 400 BC providing magnificent views of the Trincomalee natural harbour and the bay.

A kovil with amazing statues and gopurams dedicated to Goddess Badrakali and form of Kali Amman.

Ancient Buddhist temple built by King Devanam Piya Tissa in 4th-century BC.

A unique temple painted in blue and gold dedicated to God Vishnu and Goddess Lakshimi.