Sri Pathrakali Amman Kovil

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A colourful temple dedicated to goddess Badrakali, a form of goddess Kali Amman. The temple consists of thousands of amazing sculptures, including its large gopuram. The celine of the temple is decorated by four main deity figures and four swarns. It is a classic Dravidian style temple that can be easily accessed on the way to Koneswaram Temple.

It is customary that devotees visit the Ganesha temple, the Sri Pathrakali Amman Kovil and the Koneswaram temple while visiting Trincomalee. The temple has a history which goes back to the 11th century when Sri Lanka was invaded by the south Indian Chola King Raja Raja, and his son Rajendra. An inscription made by Rajendra in the 11th-century is displayed in the temple which says that he expanded the temple.