Arisimale Beach

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It's called Arisimale for its large sand particles resembling rice. Arisimale stands for “rice mountain” in Tamil. It's a clean, sandy beach with crystal clear water and is perfect for swimming. The hillock towards the beach is perfect in the sun sets, it gets heated during the day however mornings or evenings are best to visit.

Arisimale is believed to be the place where the two merchants Tapassu and Bhalluka reached ashore when they visited Sri Lanka, and went towards the south and made the Girihandu Seya temple. Earlier days there has been a Buddhist temple built here but with the LTTE terrorist attacks the temple was destroyed and the villagers and the monks were forced to flee away.

There is a small off beaten trail through the shrubs to reach the hillocks of the beach making it adventurous. On the top of the hillock is a small Buddha statue.