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The beautiful ‘City of Gems’ has it all, whether it’s nature, history or religion. The bustling city has been a long-established gem trading center, boasting some of the country’s stunning waterfalls and nature reserves. Don’t forget to stop by Adam’s Peak and admire its breathtaking scenery.

Archaeological, Heritage and Religious sites

Adding to the city’s charm, the perfectly established ancient monasteries, museums and historical sites will have your pulse-racing.

It is an ancient Buddhist temple devoted to God Saman, a guardian god of Sri Lanka.

The major significance of Kajugaswatta Temple is the massive standing statue of Lord Buddha.

A lovely ancient cave temple built by King Walagamba in the 1st century BC.

The Batadombalena cave is a heritage site evident with prehistoric settlements from 8000 years ago.

It is one of the most beautiful mountain ranges in Sri Lanka. Hiking the sacred summit of Adam’s Peak encloses a myriad of views which are simply extraordinary.

The magnificent sacred temple stands on top of a rugged hill, boasting incredible vistas, soothing ambiance and historical significance.

A massive colonial manor house built in the 1700s.

The former residence of Ehelepola Nilame is now one of Sri Lanka’s national museums, showcasing a variety of unique artifacts.

The Gemmological Museum features a stunning collection of gems and crystals, such as rubies and sapphires.

The traditional excavation of a range of unique, multi-colored gems can be witnessed.

Waterfalls and Rivers

Ratnapura is a paradise of some of the country’s most stunning and spectacular waterfalls. The city has the highest number of waterfalls in Sri Lanka.

Katugas Ella is a small 6-feet tall waterfall linked to the river, Kalu Ganga.

A shallow river located in a tranquil and picturesque setting.

The waterfall takes the form of a Bo leaf, a sacred fig, and hence the name Bopath Ella.

An epitome of scenic beauty, Mapalana Ella is an astounding waterfall with a height of 141 meters.

A panoramic 116 meter tall waterfall in Pelmadulla surrounded by a lush jungle.

The waterfall is also recognized as Gaslabu Ella by the locals, owing its name to a small stream nearby.

Alupola Falls is named after a tea estate located in the area.

The literal translation of “Duwili” means dust, and is named due to the cloudy spray of water formed at the end of the waterfall.

Due to the milky resemblance of the water, the waterfall is also known as Kiri Ella.

Nature, Wildlife and Reservoirs

One of the major traits that can be witnessed here are the collection of wildlife sanctuaries, nature reserves and mountains. It is beyond a remarkable experience for the nature enthusiast and adventurous traveler.

With a peak at 950 meters above ground, Kiribathgala is a famous hiking and camping destination.

A significant irrigation system supplying several habitats and agricultural lands in the area.

It is a renowned tourist destination, and one of the best places in the country to see wild elephants.

One of the country’s awe-inspiring tropical rainforests famed for its untarnished nature and beauty.