Sinharaja Forest Reserve

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An exciting trek through the country’s renowned tropical rainforest will leave you spellbound. The famous Biosphere Reserve and World Heritage site, as recognized by UNESCO, boasts a paradise of fresh air, bountiful flora, multiple streams, waterfalls and endemic wildlife, such as elephants, leopards, deer, birds, golden palm civets and purple-faced langurs. It is a visual treat to the nature lover.

Take in the splendors of Sri Lanka’s natural beauty. The ideal season to explore the forest is during the months January to March, and August to September.

As it is, of course, a rainforest, ensure you are equipped with appropriate rain and leech protection. Also, make sure to bring your camera along to snap some amazing photos of the stunning flora and fauna.

While paying for your visiting ticket, you can also hire a guide at the ticket office to join you through your journey. The visiting hours are from 6.30 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily, although the ticket booking office closes at sharp 4.30 p.m.