Adam's Peak

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Chan Kit Yeng - CNN

Adam’s Peak is an imposing 2243 meter tall mountain that is sacred to several faiths. It is known by various names; Sri Pada - meaning Sacred Footprint, where the Lord Buddha’s footprint lies at the peak, Adam’s Peak - where Adam first set foot after being exiled from the Garden of Eden, Samanala Kanda - meaning Butterfly Mountain, where herds of multi-coloured butterflies grace the area annually.

Trekking up the mountain is extremely popular, and will be difficult without a sturdy pair of shoes and comfortable clothing. Depending on the trail taken, the crowd, and the climbers’ fitness levels, the mountain can take approximately two to four hours to climb and one to two hours to descend.

The pilgrimage season starts from December till April. During this period, the path will be visible from clouds, lit with lamps, and filled with stalls.

The summit at dawn is striking as the view of the sunrise is known to make hikers quiver in delight.