Sri Sumana Saman Maha Devalaya

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Sumana Saman Devalaya is a sacred Buddhist temple, which was established to venerate God Saman, the presiding god of Adam’s Peak. The majestic grandeur and simplicity of the shrine dates back to 1270, when it was built under the supervision of King Parakramabahu II.

In 1618, the shrine was vandalized by the Portuguese and a church was set up. Later, King Rajasinghe seized the area and after destroying the cathedral, he rebuilt the shrine, which can be seen today.

Sri Sumana Saman Maha Devalaya conducts the annual Esala Perahara in the month of August. The extravagant festival reflects the culture of Sri Lanka, filled with graceful dances and finely dressed elephants parading throughout the procession.