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Surrounded by seven massive rocks Kurunegala is one of the important towns of Sri Lanka. It is a hub for tourists who travel to Dambulla, Sigiriya, Anuradhapura etc. The city has a lot to offer with two amazing fortresses and ancient temples.

Heritage, History and Sacred places in Kurunegala

Kurunegala was the ruling city of the great King Parakramabahu before he re-unite the island by defeating the Cola invaders. Four hundred year later Kurunegala became an important area as King Vijayabahu transferred the kingdom from Polonnaruwa to Dambadeniya.

Panduwasnuwara was the capital of the southern kingdom of Sri Lanka, during the time of King Parakramabahu.

The capital of King Buwanekabahu, Yapahuwa could only stand strong for a short while against the Davidian invasions.

Rideegama an amazing stone temple built in the 2nd-century BC

An ancient temple built on top of an uneven rock surface

The third kingdom of Sri Lankan history established by King Vijayabahu III.

World’s tallest Samadhi Buddha statue.

Monastery in the forests of Arankele with drip ledged caves used by ancient Buddhist monks.

A massive elephant shaped rock offering panoramic views of Kurunegala and the surroundings.

An ancient cave temple where Ummagga Jataka was translated to Sinhalese under the reign of Parakramabahu IV of Dambadeniya.

A twenty meter high dam built across Deduru Oya.

A smaller reservoir built in 1930 by the Duke of Edinburgh to supply water to troops set up at Uda Walpola.

A 13th century lake restored and modified by Queen Kalyanavathi, consort of King Nissanka Malla.