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Also known as the elephant rock, the Ethagala rock holds a 66 feet pure white Samadhi Buddha statue which welcomes you to Kurunegala. Ethagala is about 700 feet tall and has a rock face of 316 meters. It is one of the seven massive rocks overlooking Kurunegala town, the lakes and far away mountains.

Kurunegala served as the capital of Sri Lanka for a brief period of time during 1293 - 1341. The sacred tooth relic was brought to Kurunegala and there are still of the temple which provided shelter for the relic at the bottom of Ethagala. You also notice the steps carved to the rock during the old times which were used to climb up to the rock. However now there is a road which leads to the top.
It's best to visit during the evenings, the rock gets heated up and it would be hard to walk barefoot to the Buddha statue. Also careful with the monkey as they would like to come close asking for food.