Dambadeniya Kingdom

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After facing the South Indian invaders, King Vijayabahu III retreated to Dambadeniya to build his palace and reform armies against the invaders. He chose the Dambadeniya summit and secured the area with moats and marsh lands. A long steep stairway leading to the ruins of the palace can be still seen at the Dambadeniya summit.

The top of the mountain contains the remains of the Palace, the council hall and a series of square shaped holes which were used to hold erected pillars. From the top of the mountain it offers amazing panoramic views, and would have helped the kings at the ancient times to identify attacks from the invaders.

Dambadeniya is an important era for Buddhists as it was the time when the Sangha cults spreaded across various practices and activities due to the Kalinga Magha invaders being reunited.