Thempana Reservoir

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Nuwan Basnayake - Google

A relatively small reservoir built in 1930 by the Duke of Edinburgh to supply water to the British barracks established at Uda Walpola. It's a nice place to visit with its adjoining forest a perfect spot for hiking. It is said that the reservoir was built at a Buddhist religious site.

The reservoir is still being used to provide drinking water to areas of Kurunegala. Due to being a drinking water source you’d require to have a special permission to visit the dam.

The 200 acre forest is amazing for beginner and intermediate hiking enthusiasts. The trail through the massive treas consists of cement steps leading to the top of the rocky hill. There is an ancient pond used by King Vatta Gamini Abhaya, which still has water in. From the top it offers magnificent views of a large rocky mountain called Ringana Gala which is believed to be a place where King Vatta Gamini Abhaya was hiding and raising troops. It's best to walk in the mornings and make sure to take enough water.

If you fancy greater heights, on the top there is a sharp cliff which you can reach to the edge, an amazing spot but be extra careful.