Athkanda Raja Maha Viharaya

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It was believed that this temple was built in the Dambadeniya era during the 14 - 15 centuries, it has played an important role in translating the Pali Jataka tales book to Sinhalese under the reign of the Dambadeniya king Parakramabahu IV. There are amazing paintings and Buddha statues within the image house, and the Bodhi tree was believed to be from the Anuradhapura Era.

Parakramabahu IV of Dambadeniya was known as a great scholar and was called Pandit Parakramabahu. He made some significant contributions to Sinhalese literature and was responsible for writing the Dhalada Siritha. One of the main publications was the translation of the Pali Jataka tales to Sinhala. It was said that the main Buddhist monk who led the translation of Jataka tales was residing in Athkanda Raja Maha Viharaya.

The temple was built by Buvanekabahu III, brother of Parakramabahu IV. According to Asgiri Thalpatha when Parakramabahu IV built the Kandy Asgiriya temple it was offered to the monks of Athkanda Viharaya and they were invited to reside in Kandy.