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Lined with splendid waterfalls, spiritual sites and a terrific elephant orphanage, Kegalle evokes a sense of aesthetic appeal for the wildlife enthusiast, avid birder, photographer and thrill seeker. The city has a flourishing agricultural economy, cultivating mainly rubber, tea and coconut.

Heritage and Religious Sites

With a mix of culture, religion and tales of old, Kegalle brings together a range of incredible attractions to create an unforgettable experience for you.

The magnificent ancient temple consists of a smaller stupa housed within the larger one.

Barandi Kovil is the only identified monument from the Seethawaka era.

Its exquisite stone work, crafted with meticulous care, depicts the heroic life of Soora Saradiel.

An ancient Buddhist temple built during the reign of King Parakramabahu II.

The ancient temple, perched on a rock, was the alleged hideout of King Valagamba.

A beautiful sacred monastery with 18 astounding rock caves.

Folklore states that King Valagamba used to conceal 500 of his wives in this cave.

Nestled in a rock cave, Hakurugala Raja Maha Viharaya has a long history that dates back to King Valagamba’s rule.

It is one of the many temples established by King Valagamba to preserve Buddhism.

Waterfalls, Wildlife and Nature

Kegalle boasts beautiful scenic landscapes, untouched nature and a natural charm that will leave you with vivid memories. You can visit the iconic Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage and spend time admiring the majestic elephants.

It is a paradise of attractive bird and plant species in the heart of Kegalle.

A giant thorny bamboo tree which is endemic to Sri Lanka.

Exquisite greenery, endemic wildlife, intriguing caves and unimaginably stunning waterfalls, Makandawa Forest is a visual treat to the nature lover.

Handun Ella derived its name from the numerous sandalwood trees that once grew in the area.

It is one of the top tourist destinations in the country to witness the astounding sight of bathing and feeding elephants.

A popular hiking spot which rewards outdoor enthusiasts with adventure, wildlife and spectacular vistas.

This fascinating waterfall is the 6th tallest in the country, and the highest in Kegalle.