Makandawa Forest Reserve

Lahiru Prabath - Google

Take an exciting excursion through one of the region’s top trekking routes. Makandawa Forest Reserve is a breathtaking secondary lowland rainforest in Kitulgala. The many endemic plants, wildlife and even fascinating waterfalls, such as Makulella Falls and Lenthiriella Falls, adorning the area adds up to an experience of a lifetime for the outdoor enthusiast.

Among the several species, the most commonly found mammals are the Grizzled Indian Squirrel and Purple-faced Langur. The forest is also a habitat for birds such as the Black Eagle, Chestnut Backed owl, Blue Magpie and Red Faced Malkoha.

Explore the Belilena Cave, where remains of the Balangoda Man; the earliest record of humans that lived centuries ago, can be discovered. It is a sight for sore eyes, so don’t forget to bring along your camera.

You can take a thrilling boat trip across Kelani River to reach the rainforest. The best seasons to visit are August, September and December to March, as it is the dry season. Ensure you are equipped with leech protection measures before entering the forest, such as leech protection socks or salt.