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Situated in the center of the Vanni region, Vavuniya is a gate to the Northern Province from where people can easily access the other northern cities. The city has a history spanning back to the 2nd century BC. Visit and explore the city’s historic sites, railway stations and religious attractions.

Ancient Heritage, Religious Sites and Museums

The historical city of Vavuniya offers various religious monuments and museums to explore. Experience the significance of the city, with a history dating centuries back.

Kandasamy Kovil is a massive Hindu Temple, worshipped and dedicated to Lord Murugan.

The Archaeological Museum of Vavuniya showcases archaeological objects found in the Vavuniya region and its surroundings.

A famous temple in Vavuniya with a magnificent gopuram, dedicated to the Hindu Goddess, Kali.

Iru Pothana is known to be the birthplace of Nandimithra, one of the ten giants of King Dutugemunu.

Madukanda Vihara is known to be built on the 4th resting point of The Sacred Tooth Relic of Lord Buddha.

It is a crocodile-shaped rock used by Nandimithra, a giant warrior, to assemble troops during the Battle of Vijithapura.