Iru Pothana Ruins

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Iru Pothana is a famous natural attraction in Vavuniya, with a historical significance spanning centuries back. The location is known for its ancient irrigation systems, such as the Erupothana Reservoir, which covers a surface area of approximately 1.2 square kilometers, and the Erupothana Lake, which uses a natural rock channel to control the water out of the reservoir.

According to the Mahavamsa, a famous chronicle of Sri Lanka, Iru Pothana is known to be the birthplace of Nandimithra. Nandimithra, also known as Nandhimitta, is best known as one of the strongest of the ten giant warriors in King Dutugemunu’s army. He was appointed as the regional ruler of Iru Pothana by King Dutugemunu, a sinhalese king of Sri Lanka (161 BC to 137 BC), after the war with King Elara, chola king of the Anuradhapura Kingdom (205 BC to 161 BC). It is said that Nandimithra converted the Erupothana Rock, located by the reservoir, into buddhist monasteries after the war ended.