Kimbulagala Rock

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Kimbulagala Rock is a crocodile-shaped rock, located in Vavuniya. It consists of 3 large rocks resembling the head, body and tail of a gaping crocodile. At the peak of the rock, you can calmly observe the fascinating sights of Iru Pothana Rock, Iru Pothana Reservoir and Mamaduwa Tank.

The historical significance of the Kimbulagala Rock spans back to King Dutugemunu's era. The rock was believed to be used by Nandimithra, a giant warrior of King Dutugemunu's army, to assemble troops together during the Battle of Vijithapura. Some even believe that the rock was used as a resting point for weary travelers. You can take notice of the inscriptions written in ancient language and the polished surfaces where medicine grinding and sword sharpening took place while preparing for battle.