Somawathiya Chaitya

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A much older stupa in Sri Lanka built by Princess Somawathi and her husband Prince Abhaya during the 3rd century BC, the Somawathiya stupa enshrines the right canine tooth Relic of Buddha. The stupa was also known as “Mani Abhaya Stupa”.

The stupa was believed to be originally located on the right banks of the Mahaweli River, and due to the changes of the rivers course now it is located in the left banks of the river. 

During the 2nd century the stupa underwent a series of destructions by the invasions of a Thailand invader named Chandrabhanu. In the 60s the stupa was re-discovered and reconstructed, in 80s the reconstructions were completed with setting up the gem stone at the top of the pinnacle of the stupa. 

The cut slice left out by the Department of Archaeology of the stupa is an interesting feature, which shows the different stages of restorations. The stupa can be reached from either Polonnaruwa or Seruwawila temple. The dirt road through the woods from Seruwavila to Somawhathiya is an amazing route for off road drives with 4 wheel drives.