Sathmahal Prasadaya

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Gerhard Knöchel - Google

Sathmahal Prasadaya is an unusual seven storied structure in Sri Lanka with diminishing square shaped levels. Though the building hasn’t revealed much of its history, historians assume that this is a stupa. It is unknown who built it or when was it built. There are records in Mahavamsa that King Parakramabahu I in the 12th century built a seven storied building, but none refers to Sathmahal Prasadaya.

The monument is built with red-bricks and has remains of plasters, however the seventh floor barely exists. The ground floor has a false entrance and the other floors consist of figurines set in the center of each side. Each figure is surrounded by an arch. 

The building does not resemble any other structure in Sri Lanka, however is similar to the temples in Cambodia.