Parakrama Samudraya

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Madhurika Lakmali Senarath -

Parakrama Samudraya is a complex of smaller tanks connected with narrow channels forming up a massive reservoir spreaded across an area of 22.6 square kilometers. The complex consists of five smaller tanks named Thopa, Erabadu or Katu, Dumbuthula, Kalahagala and Bhu. Thopa Wewa is the oldest among the five tanks.

Parakramabahu I believed that “every drop of rain must be preserved and used before it reaches the shores”, hence he made a lot of contributions to the country's irrigation system. Parakrama Samurdraya is the largest of his constructions.  

In the 19th century due an error made during a reconstruction, waters which were supposed to flow towards Thopa Wewa went in the direction of Bhu Wewa. This introduced a risk of destruction of the Parakrama Samudraya, and as a result a dam was built to separate the Kalahagala Wewa and Bhu Wewa, which reduced the capacity of Parakrama Samudraya. 

Today there are a lot of renowned luxury hotels located on the shores of Parakrama Samudraya. Wild elephants visit the shores during the dry seasons.