Gal Potha

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Boasting about his virtues as a king, King Nishanka Malla made this enormous publication in the 12th-century. A footnote on the inscription suggests that the massive rock was brought to Polonnaruwa from Mihintale which is a fairly long distance. The inscription resembles an ola leaf hence it is called “Gal Poth” or the stone book.

The inscription consists of three paragraphs or sections, with seventy two lines and 4300 characters. Some of the characters can be related to the modern Sinhalese alphabet. 

The four sides of the rock consist of impressive carings of two bands of swans and Gaja Lakshmi (Goddess Lakshimi with two Elephants) carvings. 

The inscription measures at 27 feet long and 5 feet wide with a thickness of 2 feets. It is the longest inscription made by Nisshanka Malla.