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Mullaitivu is known for its decade-old history as the last stronghold of the rebellions, the LTTE (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam), and the main base of the Sea Tigers (naval wing of the LTTE). It is the ideal destination for the wide-eyed traveler, seeking to understand the conflicting sides of the Sri Lankan civil war.

Heritage Sites, Museums, Wildlife and Beaches

Having been a terrorist stronghold, Mullaitivu showcases the remainders of one of the long standing conflicts in the world.

Decade-old vessels used by the LTTE during the Sri Lankan civil war are displayed at the Submarine Yard.

The Jordian Cargo ship, Farah III Ship, is known to have been hijacked by the LTTE rebellions during the Sri Lankan Civil war.

Originally a bird sanctuary, the national park bordering sea is home to various exotic birds, leopards and other wildlife.

The Monument of Victory was established as a memorial for the War Heroes that fought and won the decade-long civil war.

Relax and enjoy the calm waters and stunning sunsets in one of the most famous beaches in Mullaitivu.

A magnificent Hindu temple dedicated to the goddess of chastity, rain and fertilisation, Kannaki Amman.