Ussangoda National Park

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Ussangoda is a plateau spanning across a significant area covered with grass and smaller areas of elfin forests featuring miniature trees. The soil structure and floral aspects of Ussangoda is unusual compared to the surroundings. There are many beliefs scientific and mythical about these unusual aspects. One of the beliefs is that a meteor has hit the ground, released extreme heat and made the soil red, and hard and given it a brick like quality. The other is the concentration of minerals in this area is very high. A legendary alternate belief is that the prehistoric King Ravana has used this ground to land his aircraft powered by crystals, and that has made the soil reddish and hard.

Apart from its unusual geography, Ussangoda is also an important breeding ground for sea turtles. The place is a nice hangout spot for a while. However there is nothing much to see or do apart from the unusual grounds. There is a trail through the grass which leads to a cliff overlooking the Indian Ocean, and the crescent shaped beach, which is a lovely view.