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A must visit area in Sri Lanka with a history going back to the 3rd-century BC. Hambantota transformed to a main tourist destination from a dusty old town known for fishing and producing salt. There are a lot of wildlife parks, amazing beaches, hotels & restaurants, and ancient religious attractions. Don't forget to try out buffalo curd if you are traveling through Hambanthota.

Where to stay, Things to do & Places to eat in Hambantota

Wildlife, Bird Watching, Beaches and Nature

A few of the main wildlife national parks in Sri Lanka providing shelter for many mammals, birds and fish are in the territory of Hambantota. The region is an important wintering ground for many migratory birds.

Tangalle is a coastal town with lots of stunning beaches towards the south east of Sri Lanka.

Hummanaya is the only Blowhole in Sri Lanka,

Yala is the second largest national park in Sri Lanka, Yala is home to many mammals, birds and reptiles including a number of endemic species.

A bird's paradise, Kumana National Park is boarded by the Kumbukkan Oya and the Indian Ocean.

A recently created botanical garden in Hambantota, with lots of dry zone plants and amazing landscapes.

Discover various birds, and amazing views while taking a boat safari through the waters of the Walawe River.

A mysterious geographical site located near Ambalantota, Ussangoda National Park is a unique place to visit.

An open air zoological garden with various types of animation, Ridiyagama safari park is a popular attraction among locals.

Madunagala natural hot water springs is an experience of its own, most popular among the locals.

Bundala is home for about 200 bird species, it is also one of the most important wintering grounds in Sri Lanka.

With about 3200 birds the Hambantota Birds Research Center creates amazing experiences, ideal if you are a bird watcher.

An agro park building awareness and interest in Sri Lanka’s traditional and modern agriculture.

Ancient Attractions, Heritage and Things to do

Hambantota has a rich history dating back to the 3rd-century BC. Known as the Ruhunu Rata in the ancient times Hambantota has been privileged to have some of the sacred religious temples and shrines, Kataragama is the single most holy place among all the communities in the island. King Dutugemunu, the most heroic king in Sri Lankan history was born in Hambantota area.

Kataragama is one of the holiest towns in Sri Lanka.

Located in the Yala National Park, Sithulpawwa Rock temple is a sacred buddhist monastery built in the 2nd-century.

An ancient Buddhist monastery with a history dating back to the 2nd-century BC, Ramba Viharaya has been an important Buddhist academic centre between the 10th and 12th centuries.

An ancient Rock Temple built on top of the 205 meter high rock by King Saddha Thissa in 3rd-century BC.

According to Mahavamsa records, Lord Buddha visited this sacred place with 500 arhats during his third visit to Sri Lanka.

A temple built by the King Kavan Tissa and dedicated to his wife Vihara Maha Devi during 2nd-century BC.

A museum with artifacts depicting arts, technology and architecture from the prehistoric and historic times of Southern Sri Lanka.

An International Cricket Stadium in Hambantota Sri Lanka.