Tangalle Beach

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Tangalle offers you some of the beautiful white sandy beaches that stretch out as far as your eyes can see. It's a perfect place to relax, read or listen to music on sand, play beach ball, and surf. Tangalle is originally a fishing village and fishing is the main source of income for many locals. The beaches are clean and less crowded.

One of the top places in Sri Lanka. Tangalle has a few beaches around a bay which are great for relaxing and surfing with a lot of restaurants and bars. Being a fishing village you’d notice local fishermen hauling fishing nets during mornings, where you’d be welcomed to offer a hand. 



Medaketiya is the main beach in Tangalle. If you are looking for good waves for surfing this is a perfect spot. There are nice, reasonably priced accommodations, restaurants, bars around the area. It's quite easy to get to the beach from the Tangalle town. 

Rekawa Beach

The other end of the bay is Rekawa Beach, a nice white sandy beach. The beach is clean and less crowded. Lots of sea turtles visit this beach. The species includes, Green Turtle (all year around), Olive Ridley Turtle, Loggerhead Turtle (rare), Hawksbill Turtle (very rare) and Leatherback Turtle (very rare). You can also visit a turtle conservation project nearby, and arrange turtle watch sessions. https://www.turtlewatchrekawa.org/

Goyambokka Beach

Located about 3 kilometers towards Dickwella, the Goyambokka beach is a perfect spot to relax in the waters, good fun if you get a boogie board. The powerful waves get washed with the natural breakwaters, however it is good to avoid swimming due to riptides or rip currents. 

Amanwella Silent Beach

A beautiful crescent shaped beach stretching about a kilometer, perfect to hangout and swimming. The beach is very clean and sandy and hardly crowded. The waves are relatively rough, unless you are a strong swimmer it's best to avoid.