Wilpattu National Park

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One of the oldest and untouched national parks in Sri Lanka, Wilpattu is home for many mammals including Sri Lankan leopards, sloth bears and a larger herd of elephants. The park consists of about hundred and fifty natural lakes. Being a larger park with full of water sources and many animals it is a perfect spot for keen adventurers.

The park has been closed down for 16 years due to the Sri Lanka’s Civil War, and now is a safer place to visit. Due to being closed for so long the park has also been untouched. 

The park has many mammals, birds and reptiles freely roaming around. There are half a day safaris which starts in the mornings and evenings, and full day safaris choose from. You won't be disappointed by choosing a full day safari at this page, as there are plenty to see and make amazing photographs. 

It is a completely different experience from Yala which is the most popular park in the island, there are no racing safari jeeps and the animals are much free. 

When visiting watch out for the monkeys, they sometimes could come closer to check whether you’ve got any left over food.