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Founded by the great King Parakramabahu and ruled by many heroic kings including Dutugemunu, Vatta Gamini Abhaya, Dhatusena, Gajabahu and Sena II the Anuradhapura Kingdom has been the strongest in Sri Lanka with a history of 1500 years. The city demonstrates the amazing skills possessed by ancient Sri Lankans in architecture, engineering, arts and culture. Anuradhapura marks its place as is one of the unique destinations in the world.

Ancient Stupas in Anuradhapura

Anuradhapura consists of an array of giant stupas. Being strong followers of Buddhism, ancient kings of Anuradhapura built these amazing monuments to preserve the essence of Buddhism for many future generations.

Built in the time of King Devanampiya Tissa, Thuparamaya is the Island’s first Buddhist temple.

A chapter house built in the 3rd-century by King Kanittha Thissa, it is considered the guard stone is the most artistic guard stone found in the ancient Sri Lankan history.

Standing high at 71 meters, the red-brick Jethawanaramaya stupa is Sri Lanka’s largest stupa.

Having produced many great rulers who invented what Sri Lanka is now, Anuradhapura is the main destination to visit on the island.

Abhayagiriya is one of the most important ancient Buddhist monasteries. Scholarly bhikkhus from various parts of the world visited the Abhayagiriya from the 1st-century AD.

A 2nd-century BC stupa built by the great King Vatta Gamini Abhaya to remember his uncle King Dutugemunu

Is an ancient chapterhouse built in the times of King Dutugemunu. It has got its name for the roof covered with bronze tiles.

A 2000 year old stupa built by the great King Dutugemunu. It is also the first stupa built by King Dutugemunu.

Sacred in Anuradhapura

Built by the ancient kings to uphold Buddhism, Anuradhapura has a collection of magnificent ancient Buddhist monuments. There is no other place in the world that can be matched to what Anuradhapura has to offer.

The sacred Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi is the right saplin of the fig tree which provided shelter to Gautama Buddha when he attained supreme enlightenment.

Famous for its rock carvings, Isrumuniya was built by King Devanampiya Tissa of Anuradhapura the first Buddhist King of Sri Lanka.

One of the hidden attractions in Anuradhapura, the Pankuliya Asokaramaya is truly a tranquil place with an amazing Samadhi Buddha Statue.

Undoubtedly one of the most detailed and finest statues in Sri Lanka, located in the Mahamewna Park in Anuradhapura.

A cave monastic complex constructed by quarrying the massive granite rocks, Vessagiriya's history goes back to the 3rd-century BC.

Mihintale is the sacred place where Buddhism was first introduced to the ancient King Devanampiya Tissa

Kaludiya Pokuna also known as the “Black Pond” is an ancient Buddhist Monastery established in the 2nd-Cetury BC in Mihintale.

At the request of ascetic Thivakka, the procession which brought the Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi from Dambakola Patuna to Anuradhapura came to Thanthirimale and rested for a night. This ancient 3rd-century BC temple consists of amazing Buddha statues, library and an ancient Bodhi tree

A modern day temple consisting of a Buddha statue followed by 500 Buddhists monks.

With a 45 feet long alms-bowl built in the shape of a sinhalese canoe, this ancient alms hall has provided alms for thousands of Buddhists monks from the Mahaviharaya

An amazing creation which represent architectural and hydrologic technologies of ancient Sri Lanka, the twin ponds are believed to be built in the 1st century under the reign of King Aggabodhi I

One of the earliest moonstones found in Sri Lankan history, the Abhayagiriya moonstone includes figures of cows.

Great lakes in Anuradhapura

Ancient Sri Lankan’s demonstrated amazing hydrological engineering skills. Lakes and irrigation systems in Anuradhapura provide enough evidence for their technological abilities. Water spillways at Kala Wewa are among the wonders.

Ancient 1st-century Nuwara Wewa is the largest tank in Anuradhapura built by the great King Valagamba.

Built by King Devanampiya Tissa the Tissa Wewa is considered to be the third oldest tank in Sri Lanka.

Built in the 5th-century BC Basawakkulama Wewa is the oldest water reservoir in Sri Lanka. It is also known as the Abhaya Wewa.

One of the sixteen great reservoirs built by King Mahasen in the 3rd-century, Nachchaduwa Wewa stores waters bought through Yoda Ela from Kala Wewa.

After defeating the South Indian invaders and uniting the country, King Dathusena built this amazing water reservoir to rebuild the irrigation systems of the island.

Ancient parks, museums and national parks in Anuradhapura

Anuradhapura consists of an array of must visit places includings The Royal Pleasure Gardens, Wilpattu National and various museums helping you to understand the ancient civilisations.

A boulder garden built in near the Tissa Wewa, and used by the ancient royals of Sri Lanka.

A museum providing a great sense about the ancient Kingdom of Anuradhapura

A museum housing amazing artifacts from the archeological excavations of Jetavanaramaya.

A park with hundreds of natural lakes filled with rain water, Wilpattu National Park is home for elephants, leopards, bears and many amazing animals.

A massif with four peaks covered with large trees Ritigala is the highest mountain in northern Sri Lanka.

An interesting museum with exhibits discovered from the archaeological site of Abhayagiriya.