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Walk In Sri Lanka -

King Devanampiya Tissa was the first King of Sri Lankan history to be introduced to Buddhism. Arhat Mahinda Thero, son of the Mauryan emperor Ashok was sent in a Buddhist missionary to Anuradhapura after about 200 years from Buddha’s Parinibbana. After being introduced to Buddhism on his request King Devanampiya Tissa built the bell shaped Thuparamaya Dagoba enshrining the right-collar bone of Gautama Buddha.

Thuparamya was a residential complex for Buddhist monks, hence the name Thuparamaya was derived from the words “Stupa” and “Aramaya”. It is the earliest monument which can be seen in the history of Sri Lanka. The temple had undergone many disruptions due to various invasions. It was recorded that by the end of the 6th century the temple had been completely destroyed, and King Ago II of Anuradhapura restored the temple back in the 7th century.