Royal Pleasure Garden / Ranmasu Uyana

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Michael Gunther -

An amazing 2000 year old boulder garden spreaded across 16 hectares and used by the ancient Kings of Anuradhapura the Royal Pleasure Garden is a must visit attraction. A rock inscription in Vessagiriya reveals that water from Tissa Wewa was used in the park and then released to the paddy fields around isurumuniya. The garden represents the architectural, landscaping and engineering skills of ancient Sinhalese people.

The park has various ponds and remains of small buildings. It was believed that Prince Saliya, son of King Dutugemunu met his love of life Ashokamala in this garden. The park was believed to be built by King Devanapiya Tissa alone with the construction of the Tissa Wewa. 

In the southwest corner of the park there is an interesting rock carving known as Sakwala Chakraya or the Star Gate. Some have suggested that this is one of the earliest world maps.

There are three bathing ponds of different sizes in the park. The largest of the pods which is in the northern side of the park has a 7 by 6 feet room cut into a granite rock. 

On the southern side of the park there is a twin pond with a chamber built with granite slabs, believed to be a changing chamber used by Royals. 

There are carvings of a herd of elephants playing amongst lotus flowers, which has similar characteristics to the elephants of Isurumuniya.