Ritigala Nature Reserve & Forest Monastery

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Google - Uditha Kumara Wijesinghe

A land once inhabited by the Yakkas (devils) the Ritigala Mountains is a place to hike as well as explore the ancient forest monastery which provided Buddhist monks who prefered detachment from regular life. There are two main trails in the mountain. Take water, and get ready to explore the thick forest with massive old trees.

The monastery complex was believed to be built in the 1st-century BC by King Sena. The main highlights are the “Banda Pokuna”, Granite bridge and the ceremonial staircase, monastery bathhouse, raised library. 

It is a must visit place once all the other ancient attractions have been visited to make it feel different and enjoy a bit more nature after all. Carry water and there are tickets to enter.

Ticket counters open at 8:00AM to 4:00PM.