Nuwara Wewa

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The largest tank “wewa” in Anuradhapura, spreaded across an area of 3180 hectares and with a capacity about 42.5 million cubic meters is a magnificent man made creation. The Nuwara Wewa was built in the 1st-century BC under the reign of King Vatta Gamini Abhaya (Valagamba). It is a place to take amazing photographs during the pre-sunsets.

A 160 feet long dam was built across the Malwathu Oya to divert its waters to Nuwara Wewa through a 40 wide canal. The history of the tank has been determined by examining the size, shape and other aspects of bricks used to build the bund of the tank. The bricks were believed to be from the first 20 years of the first century BC. However it was also discovered that there has been repairs made in the 3rd-century and 5th-century. 

From the banks of the tank you can see the views of the Ruvanveliseya.