Kaludiya Pokuna & Forest

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Kaludiya Pokuna also known as the “Black Pond” is an ancient Buddhist Monastery established in the 2nd-Cetury BC, during the Anuradhapura Era. According to the folklore Kalu Buddha Rakkhita Arhat Thero preached a sermon based on the Kalakarama Sutta while being seated on a granite seat, under a dark Thimbiriya tree near Kaludiya Pokuna.

A place with extreme serenity surrounded by numerous trees and wild monkeys. Kalu Diya Pokuna is a place for anyone who enjoys tranquillity. Kaludiya Pokuna as mentioned above is an ancient Buddhist monastery built in the Anuradhapura Era in the 2nd-century BC. It is believed that about twelve thousand arhat theros have been living in this monastery during that time. There are still ruins of caves, and various buildings within the site. 

The pond which this place is named after was believed to have dark water at ancient times. It could be because the pond was surrounded by granite. 

The forest is rich with diversified flora and fauna, and is home for many endemic and non-endemic species. As this area is not disturbed by humans the wildlife is preserved well. 

There is no entrance fee to the site, however if you are willing to you can donate to the temple.