Magul Maha Viharaya

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A magnificent monastic complex surrounded by parapet walls providing protection to the Buddhist monks who were residing, now in its ruined state. This is the exact place where King Kavan Tissa married princess Viharamaha Devi, and to remember their marriage Kavan Tissa built this temple and offered it to the Buddhist monks. Later many other kings offered royal patronage and carried over renovations, and now is a tourist attraction in Lahugala.

The temple has ruins of parapet walls surrounding the temple, a chapter house, moonstones, guard stones, dagoba, bodhigara and a slab inscription. The stone slab inscription says that it was built by King Dathusena during the 14th century after defeating the Cola invaders. 

It is believed that there were around 12, 000 monks residing in the complex, which is imaginable with the size of the monastic complex. 

Road leading to Magul Maha Vihara goes through a water reservoir filled with lotus flowers, creating amazing views. Being closer to the Lahugala national park the area is rich with wildlife and would notice elephants, deers and even leopards if you are lucky.